agility MINDSET | based on science

Welcome to the agility MINDSET

The agility MINDSET online survey is targeted at professionals in a business context that involves or promotes agile and traditional management methodology, who have at least six months of relevant experience (regardless of role or preference of methodology).

The study is designed to understand whether epistemic beliefs or personality better predict the preference to work with agile or traditional management methodology. The study results are aimed to help coaches in organisational transitions by sharpening our understanding of what is commonly referred to as “agile mindset”. This understanding helps facilitate reflective practice and orientation for people within organisations and aims to help eliminate myths about the agile mindset that are not based on science.

The study is conducted as a Master's project at the University of Liverpool, and the survey is hosted at the university's Qualtrics site. At the end of the study, results will be summarised on this website.

The study is now closed and the assessment of the results is in progress.